Digital Storytelling; Final Project

For my final project I continued the text message story I submitted in week 12.

Frank Garcon is tasked with rescuing a priceless Miles Davis vinyl. There is a deal going down and after years, Frank’s team has finally located the artwork.

While trying to recover the vinyl, Frank gets ambushed by the mobsters. The leader, Makarov drags him away to an undisclosed location.

The image I created for the assignment is a milk carton with Frank’s picture. To signify that he’s missing. He’s a celebrity so the urgency to find him is higher than normal.

I used a template for the milk carton and placed a picture of frank on it.

For the audio portion of the project, I recorded Frank’s last known. I played both the parts of Frank and Makarov. I used audio editing software to differentiate the pitches in both of the character’s voices.

For the website portion of the project, I designed a small website called It contains some basic but important information that Frank’s family and friends want public in hopes of finding him. I couldn’t upload the files anywhere so I uploaded a short video showing the content.

All in all, this final project was fun. Having to use many different forms of media to tel a story was an interesting concept. I enjoyed forming some sort of mission for my character, although he appears to be gone forever.

Digital Storytelling; Week 13; Weekly Summary

This week, I worked on planning out my final project. For the project, I’m going to continue a story I started last week on the Text Message Story conversation. My secret agent is tasked with interrupting a illegal vinyl transaction. The Vinyl contains a key to a very important location in the city’s catacombs. I plan to use audio, video, and web to complete this story. For the audio portion, I plan on creating a distorted voicemail left by my agent after the mission. I’m not sure what I want to do with the video section of the project. For the web portion, I’m going to create a small website that’ll be used to complete the entire story.

Frank Garcon assumed this mission would be a walk in the park. He’s had a very high success rate in the past few years. What he doesn’t know is that rescuing this vinyl may be his toughest challenge yet.

Digital Storytelling; Week 11; Weekly Summary

Here are my daily creates for the week

I had more fun with the video assignments this week. My love for video editing has not gotten any better. I don’t want to touch iMovie for a long time after these past few weeks.

Also, sorry for the lack of daily creates this week. My twitter account got randomly limited? I wasn’t able to get into it for a few days.

Digital Storytelling; Week 11; Weekly Assignment

This week, I did the “But Edits” Assignment

I chose to put my own spin on the assignment. Instead of doing a distortion around one word I decided to cut and fit one word into each line of the song. Travis Scott loves Jamba Juice and so does Frank Garcon. Matter of fact, Frank Garcon has a song on the same album the Jamba Juice song is on.

Digital Storytelling; Week 11; Weekly Assignment

This week, I did the “Mash up Trailers” Assignment

I chose two of my favorite movies, Inception and the Dark Knight and put their trailers together. Both a great psychological thrillers so the stories made sense combined. I downloaded each trailer and chopped up each individual scene before piecing it all back together. I’m not a fan of doing video work. Mostly because I only have a laptop so editing is a pain. I enjoy this assignment, though.

Digital Storytelling; Week 10; Weekly Summary

Here are my Weekly Assignments

Here are my Daily Creates

Here is my spy interview. I took questions from the first and third question sets